Welcome to my Site


Hello, my Name is Marcsello (I'm not sure what "Marcsello Hooves" meant to be, propaby my full name). Basically I'm a programmer, but I'm like trying out myself in another things, like SFM, Web Design, or Drawin'. In Fact, a Programmer can't be good at arts, so my artwork is bellow the low quality border, So, I usually not like to show it all over equestria, I'm happy I have a place where I can put it together (That's why I created this site)....Wasn't enough?

My OC, Hoovy, Is also like computer stuff, He is a hardcore linux user, that's why his cutiemark is a #. It indicates the root user in unix stuff. Also he doing some acting, and stuff. 

Finally I can get rid of us. Before you leave (If you didn't yet) I have to tell you, I have some non-pony projects listed bellow:

*On the pictures or in the description some ponies may appear, but the project itself NOT pony realated These projects have nothing to do with ponies

But other projects are mostly Pony related and on this page you can find (mostly) all of them. The weird random green bars on the project buttons meant to be a progress indicator.

Since I'm living in Hungary, and my mother language is Hungarian too, I'm trying to do something for the Bronies/Ponies here, so I create localizations for pony things, and subtitles for great fanmade series/vids. And Trying to help local Bronies/Ponies, (without much sucess).

If You find anything, don't be shy, contact me, and let me know! I love talking to unknown ponies/bronies/people/anything.

I also had a blog somewhere in this site, but I removed it, beacuse spambots, were so annoying.

Oh, and If you haven't noticed yet, under the world "Pony" I mean the My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic Show like ponies. I have nothing to do with real horses.

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