Oppa FAQ Style: 

When did you started to learn these things?

Beacuse of the family company, I used to use vector programs on my parents's pc (Corel DRAW! 9 as I remember) And other designer softwares (Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 and Flash 5) as a little child, but I never became such a designer like them.

After a while back in 2005 my fater became a DJ, I don't liked it much, but I learnt a lot of things about music, (Electronical) music instruments, how audio editing works, what are the good brands, what is the detials in an audio you should care for, how DAW's work, how to use them, etc. But I never feelt like I want to do this as my job nor my hobby.

I started to learn native programming in High School, in 2012, but I used to use script languages like ActionScript in flash, and Lua in games before. 

I started to learn SFM in 2015 January when I had enough money to buy another 1GB ram module for my 15yrs old PC and make it able to run SFM

Did you know that a good Programmer can't be a good Artist?

Of course I know, me neither understand myself :P

Why do you trying to make arts anyway?

I have no idea, I always felt like a Cutie Mark Crusader like pony or a simple blank flank, who haven't find his special talent yet, even if my goal is became a good programmer, and making more pony realated games. 

Sometimes I get inspired by other artists, and I feel like "aaaawwweeesoomme I wanna do something like this too" I know this is the worst reason to beacame artist. But I always feel like I wanna do something like them

Do you really think that you will be a good artist?

I never said that, I'm just doing it for fun, and I'm not consider myself as any kind of artist. I'm a programmer.

Who is your favourite Pony?

Well, I love all of them, but If I have to choose only one It will be Derpy (Sorry Lyra). She is just like me. Always trying to help, but instead of helping she just makes a bigger mess. 

Did you know that you are a fagott, and you don't have friends and everybody hates you, beacuse you dont have life?

You read my diary? I give you a cookie beacuse you were able to hack it :P

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