Okay, so If you want to contact me, you can always reach me in email, at

Steam, Facebook, Kik, Skype and things like that I won't give away for publicity, If you want to contact me at any of these "social media", please write me email to the adress above. If I get too much spam for this email address, I'll shut it down, and start a new one, so before you send me an email, make sure the address is still alive (I'll update this page, when I do)

I Don't have Tumblr, Twitter,, Printerest, Google+ (have but not using), Reddit, Blogger, Blogspot, MySpace, Instagram, Snapchat, Dribble (I dunno what the most of these are, just seen them somewhere). The things I do have:


Everywhere on the internet I use my name which is Marcsello (or Marcsello Hooves) BUT that dosen't mean that every other Marcsello is me, So if you not sure, please ask me first!

Please if you have a bug to report (both the site's or any of the projects) use the site's bugreporter form, instead of sending me random emails, if the solution of the bug requires to get in touch with you I'll send you email, to the adress you give at the from.

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