Epilepsy Bird


This game is originally developed for the Flappy Jam to pay tribute to the original Flappy Bird.


You can download it from the game's itch.io site: http://marcsello.itch.io/epilepsy-bird

Aviliable for Android, Linux and Windows!

Epilepsy Bird

Oiginally I wanted to make an Anoying game, but after a while, I've changed my mind, so I'ts became half-annoying.


Latest Version: v1.3.1



  • Online Scoreboard, No Google Sh*t required (Bird Scoring) Broken, beacuse the original Bird Scoring service is down.
  • Save Score in encrypted format
  • Replacable Music*

Planned Features:

  • Original Flappy Bird Style Round Beginning
  • Fix Gui on small Android devices (Now only looks good on Tablets)

* If you don't like the built in songs, you just only have to convert your songs to ogg format, then put it in the stuff folder then edit songs.txt like this:

1. line: <1st Song shown name>
2. line: <1st Song path relative/absolute>
3. line: <2nd Song shown name>

This method works only on Linux/Windows versions

Project info:

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