Español Special Character Helper


This Tool is created for the people (including me) dealing with the strange Windows XP bug, which prevents inputting ASCII codes somehow. So If you need this characters (Learning Español, or have foreign keyboard) simply use thios tool. It does nothing, just adds a little icon to your Tray, and if you need it just right click on it, and select the character you want, It'll copy it to your clipboard.



Linux: Not required, Linux's input is fine, and highly customizable


Just simply unpack it somewhere, and run with double click, no installion required, however, you can add it to the start up applications, to make it sure it'll always there when you need it.


  • All the characters missing from an usual keyboard
  • Remember last used character, and reuse it by one click

How to use: 

To copy a character to clipboard, simply right click to the small Español flag on your tray, and choose what you want. To reuse this (if the content of the clipboard changed) more simply, left click on the flag, and it'll copy it for you again (it works until restart)


Well, just don't redistribute it as your software, that's all I want :)

Project info:

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