I haven't got any questions yet, lol but here some i made to myself:

You made this site by your own?

Well, yes (I also modified the Title menu line design a bit), but this is not one of my best works... I mean, ours (with Hoovy)... I mean... whatever :D

What have you used?


What are those strange green lines on the project's buttons?

They indicating the actual progress of the project. I told you I'm not a good designer.

Was it always looked like this?


The old site

Can you make me a site like your new one?

I'm not recommendig you, but If you get a webserver, and someone to make the design (I'm not good at designing), well, and I am Free and have Freetime we can talk about it. But I still not recommend you using my web technologies, It's a Pain to administrate, and stuff...

If you wan't your own page use a CMS like Wordpress, or Joomla, they are already done, easy to setup, and manage, and it will be your very own.

I have a game idea, can you program it to me?

It depends on your ideas, If it's a nextgen sandbox mmorpg with awesome effects and stuff, well, I'm not the right pony. If it's a simple 2D platformer without any shiny thing nor multiplayer, or anything, just a pony jumping on rocks, we can talk about it. but you still have to find someone who makes the content (art, music, etc.) or grab It from the internet.

How long will it take?

Depending on the game, from 1 month to a whole year

What do you use for creating subtitles?

Subtitle Edit, sometimes Google Translate (not for full sentences, just 1-2 words) and Friends help

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