Okay, he's name is Hoovy. The idea of it comes from that once, someone in GMR (Propably Loz, but not sure) Called me Hoovy (beacuse my name is Marcsello Hooves ingame). I find it kinda cool, so I named Him like that. 

The idea of His cutiemark is come from the Linux's Root user promt. Read more: http://linuxers.org/quick-tips/difference-between-root-and-non-root-shell-prompt. I wanted something related to computer, but something very simple, and not an actual computer part, something that you can't actually touch, like a term. I also wanted something that fit's to the show's cutiemark rules (Read more: ). I was thinkin' so long, then I came up with this prompt idea. I don't wanted to use regular user's one ($) Because it may look like he have something to do winth money. While he's not. So that's how it became a #. It's perfect, it's Linux, and, Computer, and Simple, and nice. 

More coming ;) (i already have them, but have no time atm to write down)

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